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Starting with Email Marketing

Digi Media is a leading email marketing agency with the best talent, experience and strength on the market to take your campaigns to the next level.

We will assist you have the benefit of professionally dead email selling campaigns through high-quality strategy, design, deployment, list management, tracking, testing, and more.

Digi Media has been helping small and medium-sized businesses implement new e-mail campaigns and bring new life to internal management activities that lag behind results. We have full-time, experienced employees of email marketing experts, writers, editors, designers, developers and account managers, and we have all the resources you need for email marketing to attract customers’ interests and inspire action.

Our Email Marketing:

Email marketing is still a particularly promising avenue for Internet marketing. Activities include:

strategy Template design
Landing page design HTML encoding
Copywriting Conversion optimization
Inventory management distribution
track In the report
Email marketing strategy:

The first thing our agency has to do is to develop an email marketing strategy for your business. It will define the “object, object, time and method” of the campaign. We will research your audience and determine who will be the best audience. Then we’ll develop a content strategy to determine what your brand information should be and how we add value. Finally, we’ll determine when sending emails and how emails are handled can disrupt your marketing channels.

Lead magnet:

The next step for our agency is to develop a strategy to develop your email list. This usually involves developing lead magnets or quotes to motivate people to provide you with their email address in exchange for something of value. Examples of lead magnets include free guides, checklists, quizzes, e-books, and more. We will work with you to develop lead magnets to attract more potential customers to your business.

Website call-to-action:

The next step for our email marketing agency will be to implement a call-to-action on your website to promote your lead. This will help you turn your website visitors into email subscribers. Typical site call-to-action phrases include floating headlines, site pop-up forms, sidebar forms, and more.

Advertising campaign:

The fastest way to grow your email list is to advertise. You need to do this using our social media ads or search engine advertising services. Our agents will promote your magnets on social media or search engines to attract more subscribers. We’ll direct traffic from ads to custom landing pages so people can choose to join your email list.

Email marketing software:

Our customers will be able to use our recommended email marketing software. Our agency will help you select and implement email marketing software to receive potential customers and send emails. If you have your preferred email marketing software and are within our capabilities, we can also integrate with you.

Email communication:

Our email marketing specialists will design an email newsletter that reflects your business. The email we develop will use best practices to achieve email deliverability, open rate, clickthrough rate and conversion. The content in the email may include related blogs, case studies, upcoming events, and more.

Email list maintenance:

Our agents will also perform routine checklist maintenance. It is important to remove non-participating subscribers from your email list. If your subscribers don’t use your email, it will have a negative impact on the deliverability of your email. In other words, if your list is incorrect, you will end up receiving spam. We will continue to monitor your contact engagement to ensure you have a list of participating emails.

Email marketing report:

Our agents will send monthly reports to segment your email marketing performance. The main metrics we looked at were subscribers, open rate, clickthrough rate, and conversion rate. We will review, analyze and develop strategies to improve these results on a monthly basis.

Why choose our email marketing service

We are a full-service company

Our agency can not only manage your email marketing campaigns. We offer a full-service solution to help you grow your business and drive email marketing. For example, we offer advertising services to expand your email list. And, we offer blogging services to attract your email list and drive traffic to your site. Use a full-service email marketing agency to help you complete every component of your online marketing strategy.

Low-risk contract

Our email marketing services are backed by a high level of integrity and we hope to earn your trust by providing great work.

Value for money

Spending all of your budget on an email marketing agency is like buying a car without gasoline. We have designed an email marketing service that fits the budget of any small business owner. This way, you can avoid hiring full-time employees and using experienced agencies to reduce costs and get more results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of results can I expect?

The key performance indicators we focus on for email marketing are new subscribers, open rates, clickthrough rates and conversions. We will measure and evaluate these metrics monthly to optimize conversions.

How many emails do you recommend per month?

We recommend sending an email every week to explode. However, the amount of email explosions per business is different. The purpose of the email explosion is to increase awareness, engagement and website click-through rates. Therefore, the more emails you send, the more opportunities you have to send your mail. Some small businesses send emails every day, while others send emails weekly or monthly.

What is the "drip movement", why do I need it?

Drip activity is an automated email sequence. Simply put, it’s a series of pre-made emails that you can send to your email contacts. The purpose of the campaign is to make your email contacts go a step further in the sales cycle or more likely to buy from you. Our email marketing agency will create an email sequence to add value to your subscribers and promote your service in a systematic way.

Is there any installation fee?

The installation fee is charged once. It is primarily used to get you started or end running your campaign. We will set up search engine systems, analysis systems and other management tasks for you. We will also set up the necessary email marketing account for you.

How long does it take to start?

If you are ready to get started, please contact us. One of our business development experts will help you determine the best action plan and make recommendations for you. Once you approve, we’ll send you a contract and start your campaign as soon as possible.